Radiation therapy is continuously becoming more complex, and QA must evolve accordingly. At Luca Medical Systems, we are dedicated to developing automated Medical Physics QA devices that optimize measurement accuracy while reducing workflow time and complexity. These solutions are OriQA, our automated HDR QA system, and Klio, our cloud-based QA management solution.

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Autonomous Brachytherapy QA

The OriQA Automated HDR Brachytherapy Phantom streamlines the workflow for daily and monthly HDR brachytherapy QA measurements.

OriQA's Key Features

 • Daily and monthly HDR QA.
 • Automated, rapid acquisition of QA data.
 • Greatly exceeds TG-56 requirements.
 • Automated electronic report generation.

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Cloud-Based QA Database

Klio is Luca Medical Systems’ answer to centralized, cloud-based medical physics QA data management.

Klio's Key Features

 • Adaptable to any machine, vendor Independent.
 • Fully automated image and data processing.
 • Fully customizable forms and algorithms.
 • Centrally manage all machines and clinics.
 • Standardization of backend data.

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QA data acquisition should be simple, automated, and accurate. Drastically reduce the time required to perform machine QA with our products

Automated, Rapid, Streamlined QA

QA data acquisition should be simple, automated, and accurate. Drastically reduce the time required to perform machine QA with our products:

 • OriQA - Rapid, comprehensive HDR QA.
 • Klio - Customizable cloud-based QA data management.

Custom QA Solutions

Medical Physics QA is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. Klio offers the ability to customize every part of machine QA at your institution:

 • Form layouts to maximize workflow efficiency.
 • Calculations and algorithms.
 • User permissions by clinical role.
 • Main and satellite clinic access and workflows.

Comprehensive QA Management

Centrally manage all of your radiotherapy machine QA in a single place, including satellite clinics.

 • Add and configure new machines in a few clicks.
 • Track QA data over time.
 • Compare QA data between multiple machines.
 • Centrally manage satellite clinic data.

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Medical Physics QA Solutions

Luca Medical Systems Inc. is a Bay Area startup company dedicated to advancing the automation and organization of medical physics quality assurance (QA). We are employing computer vision and artificial intelligence to develop automated hardware and software that will increase the accuracy of QA measurements all while reducing the complexity and optimizing workflow. In developing these automated tools, we hope to initiate a paradigm shift in medical physics QA in radiation therapy clinics worldwide, leading to improved cancer care. As a company, we pride ourselves in our healthy, inclusive culture that promotes productivity through employee happiness and fulfilment of personal goals.

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