Autonomous Medical Physics QA

Cancer treatment is evolving at an ever faster pace. Radiation therapy systems and techniques are continuously becoming more complex, and QA must evolve accordingly. Here at Luca Medical Systems, we are dedicated to developing autonomous Medical Physics QA devices that can meet the stringent requirements for optimal measurement accuracy while simultaneously reducing workflow time and complexity

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Medical Physics QA Solutions

Luca Medical Systems Inc. is a Bay Area startup company dedicated to advancing the automation and organization of medical physics QA. Specifically, we are developing automated hardware and software that will increase the accuracy of QA measurements all while reducing the complexity and time required to complete these tasks. In developing these automated tools, we hope to initiate a paradigm shift in medical physics QA in radiation therapy clinics worldwide, leading to improved cancer care. As a company, we pride ourselves in our healthy, inclusive culture that promotes productivity through employee happiness and fulfilment of personal goals.

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